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The consortium


Winemaking born from the passion for the territory

The DOC of the Grance Sienese was born from the passion of a local group of agricultural entrepreneurs, who with a great love for their work and for the region, decided to join together to promote and enhance their production and territory. Therefore Grance Senesi DOC is the result of careful selection of the grapes and a rigorous processing, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product. Thanks to their passion and dedication, the companies of the Grance Senesi Consortium have become a reference point for wine lovers the world over.

Consortium organisation

  • President Bran Tecun Juan Jesus (Don Antonio)
  • Directors Gabriele Giovannini and Paolo Trabalzini


The partners of Grance Senesi DOC are:

Uva rossa
the consortium companies

The valley of ancient farms and fortified granaries in Siena